What is Miasm Release Therapy?

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Learn about Beyond Wellness – The Evolution of Healing

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What is Shamanic Cranial Sacral Therapy?

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Therapeutic Massage Healing Center & Spa.
Beyond Wellness is a True Healing Center. We offer several alternative health services providing a Holistic approach. We look at the individual, not just their disease. We address the cause rather than the symptom. We are interested in maintaining good health through prevention of disease. We understand that there is a crucial interrelationship between the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects of our being. Beyond Wellness has utilized evolved levels of Energy Work, Bodywork and Massage Therapy. The high art of healing offered by our Wellness Center has opened doors to successfully treating emotional and nervous disorders as well as various physical and mental health problems.

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Shamanic Cranial Sacral Therapy

Yes! This is the Specialty of Beyond Wellness. Don Massat, the director of the Sacred Journey Institute has created an evolved Cranial Sacral program.

Latest topics

Shamanic Sacred Feather Making Workshop

February 21 2014 6:00pm Cost: $45 including basic materials Instructors: Germa Sakalauskiene & Ania Massat Discover the art of Smudging, a Shamanic technique to promote balance, neutrality, calmness and cleansing with the use of Sacred Feathers. Craft your own beautiful Sacred Feather during this 3.5 hour workshop. A Sacred Feather is...
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New offering Hypnotherapy!

Hypnotherapy Service provided by: Ania Massat Initial Interview and first session -$125 & each following 60 min session $100 Hypnotherapy focuses on Body/Mind Connection and can assist in healing pain, trauma, emotional discomfort and more. Hypnotherapy is a combination of hypnosis and therapeutic/intuitive psychotherapy. Therapist leads the client into the...
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