Sacred Journey Therapy Retreat Sessions

Beyond Wellness has created (3-4 day) therapy retreat sessions for the purpose of evolving ourselves through healing and personal growth. Sacred Journey therapists, Evolved Light workers, Shamans, Cranial Sacral Therapists or Trance Channelers will be called upon in various retreat sessions to assist individuals in their unique journeys.
      Universal concepts, shamanic practices and various theologies will be implemented to expand consciousness. The use of meditation, holding space and exercises in energy awareness will aid in showing individuals how to explore the subconscious mind as well as experience greater awareness of their inner states of being.
      Modalities such as Cranial Sacral Therapy, Miasm Release Therapy, Sacred Journey Therapy and Vibrational Healing Therapy, along with leading edge approaches such as Shamanic Counseling, Neuro – Linguistic Programming and Trance Channel Therapy will also be utilized in various therapeutic retreat sessions. These therapies will take individuals into processes of deep healing, thereby enhancing health and personal growth on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, so as to offer a greater capacity to experience life fully.


Holding Space Meditation and Power of Intention:

Through meditation and energy exercises clients will be shown how to experience the subconscious and explore greater awareness of the physical. Cranial Sacral Therapists will be utilized to assist clients, by creating a “space” of trust to explore the emotional perspectives of the cranial system and influence of the power of Intention.

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Heart Meditation, Unwinding emotions through physical

This three day Therapy will be focused on Heart communication and vulnerability. Cranial Sacral Therapist will be assisting clients with shamanic counseling, and addressing emotions held in our physical bodies. Here clients will be coached on new possibilities to explore relationships on physical, energetic and spiritual levels

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Mandible Rituals, Shamanic Healing

In this four day retreat the importance of the client’s own process in developing his or her gifts is emphasized. The power of ritual will be discussed and followed by three hour healing sessions orchestrated by Sacred Journey Therapists, unwinding the mandible in shamanic fashion. These Sacred Journey Therapists will also utilize psychic perception to raise vibration of the sessions.

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Psychometry, Channeling, connecting with Spirit

This three day Therapy Retreat Session will help to introduce trust in perception and one’s own intuitive abilities. A trance channel will be brought introduce a process whereby spirits (beings) communicate with those of us in the physical world. It is guidance given from higher realms by enlightened beings who you may know as guides or teachers. Sacred Journey Therapist will utilize spirit to assist in sessions and being fresh insights into the clients life.

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Miasm Release through Trust, Vulnerability and Surrender

During this four day Therapy Retreat Session, Sacred Journey Therapists will work with energies in our body that influence our lives. These lightworkers will utilize Miasm Release Therapy to remove lower vibrational energies from the body that are holding the client back and bring high vibrational energies to the surface that are enhancing our personal growth.

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Sacred Journey through Astral Travel

The foundation has now been set for sacred Journey Therapy. This high art of healing is a very intimate form of energy work, touching the soul in such depth that it will often release deep seeded emotions, healing ancient wounds or perhaps sending the client into wonderful euphoric state. The Sacred Journey Therapist creates a space for whatever the clients soul is searching for. This work may change unwanted patterns of behavior that have continued with us from other lifetimes.

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Expanding our Soul Experience

We gather together Lightworkers in communion of Spirit. Topics covered will include but not limited to:

      • Advanced ethic lecture and discussion of Sacred Journey Therapy
      • Mind Travel
      • Trance Channel Therapy and how it presents itself in our everyday life
      • Transforming Miasm
      • Exploring the exciting energies of Luminism
      • Bringing forward Self Healing concepts and techniques
      • Exploring effective ways to actually reverse the aging process

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Miracles, Magic, Mysticism, and Vibrational Healing

We will travel beyond the threshold of our physical anatomy into another type of anatomy- invisible to the eye, yet critical to our health. With exploration into the Holographic body and communication through our energy fields we will be able to tap into our truest energy sources. Composed of pure energy, this vast field not only determines how our body functions and heals, but also serves as a connection to the diver power of life. Only here may we explore the Mysticism of a deeper reality that extends beyond pure reason and physical sciences. We will discuss and witness the power of Luminism and its profound influence on healing while discovering the full potential of our creative powers for personal growth.

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Exploring the Evolved Human

This four-day Therapy Retreat Session is where we will continue our adventure to elevate the Human being by weaving together wisdom of Lemuria, Mythical Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, and Pleidian cultures. Then bringing this to our present Earth experience as the chosen theater. Let’s bring the magic of Ritual into Spiritual Healing, offering simple, creative ways to strengthen family, friendship, community, and sense of self.

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The Manifestation of Heaven on Earth

This 4-day Therapy Retreat Session focuses on the art of Manifestation by breaking the cycle of fear and reconstructing energetic signatures. Emotions will be processed from the subconscious with the use of clearing our field and cleansing our environment. The Heart/Mind will now join together with the assistance of Luminism to celebrate our journey into the “Energy of Creation”.Other topics will include Lightworker ascension symptoms and self healing; how to raise the vibration of the planet; and seeing the transparency of cult practices and modern day conspiracies.

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Clearing the mind, opening the Heart

Through the use of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Dream Interpretation and Shamanic Counseling we will break down the core structure of Miasm and build the foundation of Luminism. Sacred journey Therapists will cross cultures to access collective wisdom on health and healing. Such similarities include an association between trance and altered states, emotions and defense mechanisms, belief and integrating new concepts, health and spirit. Rational medicine, exorcism and a shamanic approach to mental illness will be addressed.

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