Ania Massat

by beyondwellness, February 6, 2013

Ania Massat L.M.T, C.S.T. Beyond_Wellness-Cranial_Sacral_Therapy-Image_1

  • CranioSacral Therapist
  • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Expert in Body and Mind Balancing
  • Evolved Life & Wellness Coach
  • NLP Trainer
  • Reiki Master

Ania is a graduate of the Sacred Journey Institute in Tinley Park, IL, Founder of Heart and Soul Skincare and Evolved Life & Wellness

Ania offers incredible mix of all that she learned within the last 10 years of active evolving as bodyworker and energy worker. Ania uses techniques borrowed from Reiki, Psychology, CranioSacral Therapy, Hypnotherapy to deepen the connection between Body and Mind. She is a gifted listener that can help in guiding you in the right direction. Ania is a Life Coach that can help you in deepening communication, intimacy and connection with yourself and others (partners, friends, coworkers). She uses Neuro – Linguistic Programming techniques to create deep and fast results that truly last. She helps to release stress levels and balancing Body through bringing Self Awareness. Finally she helps in creating healthy boundaries, measurable goals, motivating and inspiring. 

Ania can help if you:

  •  feel stuck and need clarity
  • your life seem to not unfold the way you wished
  •  you need to set new goals (and keep working on accomplishing them)
  • you want to improve your Well- Being
  • you want to grow as person on multiple levels (physical, emotional, spiritual)
  •  you are ready for a change

Ania’s education and knowledge in Meditation/ Rituals lead her to create a unique line of  pure, natural, handmade products that help in connecting Body & Mind. Heart & Soul Skincare is devoted to cherish & heal the Body and Inspire the Soul by taking time and creating simple Rituals.  


Certified Life & Wellness Coach

Certified  NLP Master Practitioner

Graduate of Sacred Journey Institute, Tinley Park, IL

Gradudate of Cortiva Institute in Chicago for Massage.

Graduate of Reiki, Reiki Master, Teacher with Kathy Tovey

Hypnotherapist Training, Heart Centered Hynoptherapy

B.A Business Administration/International Business

Therapies offered:

Energy Work
Massage Therapy and Bodywork


Raindrop Technique

Lymphatic Drainage


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