Star Children

by beyondwellness, February 6, 2013

Star Children

The brain of a Star Child is a multi – track device. Star children grow up doing their math homework and watching TV while listening to their IPod at the same time. The phone rings and a free hand is instantly peeling off one side of the headphones to add another bit of input to a busy brain. Can a child survive this for long? Not only do they survive, the multitasking Star thrives on it!

Star Children are also very emphatic, when something bubbles and festers on the inner planes of consciousness, something adults refuse to look at; these kids have the ability to take those issues, so that which was hidden can be brought to the light. That condition is called A.D.H.D ( Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder). The symptoms of kids with A.D.H.D are that they are merely corresponding themselves to the energies of their parents, their immediate social environment, or their primary caretakers. They are mirror reflections of the shadow side (repressed inner issues) of those who have to deal with them, or of society as a whole.

The entire nervous system of our next generation is being held in check during this time. They have been trained, cajoled, threatened, blind-sided, and even legally drugged to keep them from intimidating their parents too much during these final stages of Planetary Transformation. A society which contains children that act on everything that comes into their minds is an establishment that is “failing to act” on key issues that scream within their own minds. That, in fact, is the real attention deficit. To merely medicate the children nullifies an important lesson.

The Star Children who are growing up right under our noses are intellectually gifted and cunning beyond belief. What many of them lack in the self-esteem and the sense of personal authority that would activate that bundle of frozen potential in today’s World. Our modern society is not constructed to give them breathing room to unfold, or support for the changes and solutions they can bring to what humanity must soon face. This frustrates and depresses them considerably. This then requires construction of internal walls of protection (Miasm) in order to shield their sensitive Star Child Consciousness. They often become what psychologist call “Behaviorally Disordered”.

Many of the basic premises and techniques used by traditional therapist and doctors are built from an extremely masculine (heavy logical) paradigm that holds a core belief that order equates order with happiness. Star Children are anything but normal, and they will readily declare that order is not their highest priority in life. Anyone who takes a look at a Star Child room or apartment will verify that.

Besides, most doctors treat them like they are “broken”. They are not. Mostly they seek the invocation of passion; through the term itself may not have meaning to them. To the adult mind, passion is equal to lust or pointless intensify. But to a younger mind, the primary life force becomes whatever unique blend of mind and emotion that can be compacted and distilled into a tall cup of liquid NOW.

Star Children can benefit from Cranial Sacral Therapy and Miasm Release Therapy.

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