The Energetics of Cancer & Disease

by beyondwellness, February 6, 2013

The Energetics of Cancer & Disease

The penetration of “Light Energy” provided by these therapists provides energetic nutrients essential for the simulation and recalibration of deteriorating cells which supports the holographic framework for regeneration. Cellular memory captures the internal cellular programming and responds energetically to the electrical movement by adjusting to the light energy transmission frequency while internal processing and rebuilding transpire. With the assistance of Sacred Journey Therapists or Evolved Lightworkers the transference of “Light Energy” assists to form a matrix within the physical body that serves as a template and allows strengthened cells to adhere to their task within the complex system.

There are other ways in which Cancer may be introduced to our system. One way is by being a gene carrier for the energy of cancers. Does Cancer run in your family? The Sacred Journey Therapist has the wisdom and tools to change energetic signatures of Cancer held within the energetic schematics of an individual. This may also be a soul’s quest if one chooses to experience Cancer for his own or someone else’s experience. In this case the Sacred Journey Therapist may travel into different levels of consciousness explore this decision and influence a change if the soul wishes.

Cancer may also be an energy buried in another lifetime coming through this lifetime and playing out in this physical experience. The Sacred Journey Therapist also carries “shamanic skills” of the visionary and is able to travel into other lifetimes to facilitate healing in another time where the emotional core of the energy exists, hence shifting the souls physical experience of Cancer in this lifetime.

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