Clear the Mind, Open the Heart by Don Massat

Clear the Mind, Open the Heart by Don Massat

by beyondwellness, May 2, 2016
     Suffering exists only in the mind. In fact, the mind creates all our problems; the whole idea of a “problem” is a concept within the mind. Yet people are still trying to solve their problems using the very thing that created the problems, their mind.
This is why it’s often repeated to get out of the mind, and into the heart. The heart doesn’t pass judgement, so the heart doesn’t have any problems. You may believe that the heart suffers, but it’s not really the heart that suffers, it’s the mind’s unfulfilled desires that create suffering. It’s the mind that creates the illusion of separation, and it’s the mind that mourns a perceived loss, which is really the mind feeling sorry for itself for not being in control.
The mind is actually a powerful creative force that follows the lead of our conscious and subconscious thoughts, which are driven by our emotions. The mind is conditioned to attach to the past and project into the future. This is the way we have conditioned and programmed ourselves to operate. How do we change this to experience a more evolved way of being?
          Meditation can bring us out of the mental and connect us with the heart. Here we can experience present consciousness of feeling, and begin to separate ourselves from attachment to the past and projections of  the future. Actual manifestation requires us to bring desired conscious and subconscious emotions into the present; then we naturally invite experiences to us to support those emotions that we choose. If we unconsciously choose “fear”, inevitably we will invite experiences to support that. But if we make a conscious decision to  choose “trust,’    experiences will be drawn in to support this intention. Indeed, it is simply our emotions when brought into our present consciousness that create through the mind our problems, or manifest our beautiful journeys!
     Rational Feeling:
Rational feeling is an evolved way of being, in which we can open our hearts with the present emotion of trust. By allowing our emphatic abilities to open up, we can join or override the mind. When open, the heart is pure and can feel through distracting words. Some may call this a “gut” feeling. Rational feeling can be achieved through processing conscious and subconscious fears via Cranial Sacral Therapy or other energy based modalities. Then, we may connect the Open Heart to the mind to create the world we truly desire.
Intuitive Wisdom:
Intuitive Wisdom is an evolved way of thinking. In order to create through the mind we must first open the mental faculties to a new way of being. There is a part of the mind which is very creative. We call this our conscious mind: it holds about 5% of our emotions, often shining an  awareness of what lurks subliminally in the subconscious. For the subconscious is programmed to react; it has been thoroughly conditioned  by childhood programming and an accumulation of or other lifetime experiences, and retains  approximately 95% of our emotions of which  we may not even be consciously aware. These  largely suppressed emotions, in turn, constitute the anchors for buried beliefs, unquestioned concepts and automatic behavior patterns, habits and subroutines that we have consciously developed or mindlessly internalized throughout our life, all now stored in nested clusters in the subconscious. Many of these concepts are fear-based, and can hold us back from our personal growth. By releasing these “heavy emotions” with the assistance of Cranial Sacral Therapy and replacing them with “light emotions,” we may now begin to form new concepts that support our growth and new learnings. In this way, we clear the mind and open ourselves to the gift of Intuitive Wisdom.
Don Massat

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