Deep Tissue Massage

by beyondwellness, February 6, 2013

Deep Tissue Massage 

This is a more penetrating form of bodywork that goes deep into the layers of muscle and connective tissue where chronic pain, aches, and fatigue are trapped.

Each layer of muscle must be relaxed in order to reach the deeper layer. When the muscles are properly relaxed, a client often will not perceive the work as feeling deep.

By helping to remove accumulated lactic acid and other waste products from the muscles, deep tissue massage works to detoxify tissue. Lactic acid is a natural chemical byproduct of muscular contractions. An accumulation of lactic acid deep within a muscle causes soreness and stiffness if it is not removed.

Deep Tissue Massage usually concentrates on”clearing out” a specific area of the body such as feet, legs, back, arms, neck or shoulders rather than being a full body type of massage such as Swedish massage.

What to expect during a session?

This massage is done with the client nude, draped with a sheet or large towel, only exposing the area of the body that requires therapeutic treatment. There should be an open and clear communication between you and the therapist regarding the level of pressure applied, sensitive areas and general comfort. It is very beneficial to drink plenty of water after a treatment to flush out toxins from your system.

30 minute sessions cost $65.00
60 minute sessions cost $80.00
90 minute sessions cost $110.00
2 hour sessions cost $150.00

Ailments which Deep Tissue Massage can aid:
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Disk Problems Eye Problems Fibromyalgia Fibrositis Lumbago Muscle problems Sciatica
TMJ Syndrome Trapped Nerve
Digestive and Urinary AilmentsCirrhosis of the Liver Constipation Cystitis
Fluid Retention Gastroenteritis Indigestion Nausea
Respiratory and CardiovascularArteriosclerosis Asthma
Bronchitis Cardiovascular Disease Circulation (poor) Colds
Emphysema Environmental Toxicity
Heart Attack
High Blood pressure (hypertension)
High Cholesterol Hypoglycemia Migraines
Skin Disorders

Athletes Foot Boils Dermatitis Psoriasis Wrinkling of theSkin

Terminal Illnesses

Breast Cancer Parkinson’s Disease Tumors


Candida Fibroids (Uterine) Impotence Infertility Menopause Menstrual Problems Pregnancy Premenstrual Syndrome Prostate

Emotional & Nervous

Adrenal Disorders Anxiety
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Epilepsy Headaches Hyperactivity (ADHD) Hyperthyroidism Hypothyroidism Manic-Depressive Disorder Multiple Sclerosis Narcolepsy Neuralgia Obesity Phobias Radiation Sickness Smoking Dependency Stress


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