Cranial Sacral Therapy for Depression

by beyondwellness, February 6, 2013

Cranial Sacral Therapy for Depression

Healing depression requires that we remove the cause of the condition. Depression may come from a physical imbalance through a restriction of a cranial bone or perhaps a chemical imbalance caused by diet. Most likely the most causative factors of depression originate from our spiritual and emotional bodies, not the physical.

Our discomfort lays primarily in our feelings and thoughts which may produce secondary symptoms in our physical body. Whether we realize it or not, our conscious and unconscious attitudes (belief systems) and feelings (emotions) powerfully affect our health and disease of our body and mind.

Cranial Sacral Therapy offers a new approach to addressing depression in all these planes. On the physical level Cranial Sacral Therapist with light touch and gentle manipulation are trained to move restricted cranial bones providing physical relief. This change in the Cranial Sacral System may also affect the emotional body creating positive attitudinal changes in an individual. On an even deeper level Cranial Sacral Therapists/Sacred Journey Therapists are trained to work with clients in trance state or “alpha state” allowing the client the space to surrender into somatic emotional release. This method has become recognized by medical professionals and psychologists as a useful tool in releasing trauma from the body/mind.

Depression is more pronounced in our subconscious level. This is why people suffering from this condition often cannot understand why they are experiencing these “heavy” feelings and struggle with finding a way out. While medications such as antidepressants seem to be a quick fix, they do not address the underlying problems and are rarely a long term solution. Not only do antidepressants come with significant side effects and dangers but recent studies have raised questions as to their effectiveness.

The shamanic approach to Cranial Sacral Therapy offered at Beyond Wellness not only has become beneficial in treating depression, it is used to assist with a host of health problems.

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