Energy Therapies

by beyondwellness, December 16, 2015

Cranial Sacral Therapy

With light touch and gentle manipulations to the Cranial Sacral system, self-corrected physiological activities take place to correct imbalances and treat a host of health problems. This visionary approach is designed to introduce analytical and intuitive understanding of Cranial Sacral work. It is the art of healing touch. This exquisitely sensitive, subtle and careful work can be highly effective when properly applied; the gentlest of approaches is often more powerful than the most robust.

Cranial Sacral Therapy can assist with the following: ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, Depression, Digestive issues, Tics, Body jerks, Allergies, OCD, Negative behaviors, Adjusting to change, Trauma, PTSD, Stress, Dental/TMJ, Pain, Brain injury, insomnia, and more.

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Miasm Release Therapy

Miasm Release Therapy enables the recipient to reclaim their personal power. The therapist creates a safe, spiritual space and facilitates the recipient in encouraging the miasm’s energy patterns to leave the body and return to the light from whence it came. The therapeutic laying on of hands raises the vibration of the individual, thus creating an environment where only positive light beings can exist. Negative energy cannot function in such an environment and the miasm is forced to leave. Upon release, the recipient is free of the limitations the energy imposed and is able to move forward with personal growth. Miasm Release Therapy serves as a catalyst to support the recipient in claiming his or her divine right to live life without the restrictions of past defenses.

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Sacred Journey Therapy

Sacred Journey Therapy is a gentle lying on of hands with the intent of creating a sacred, healing space for the client to accept and use the spiritual strength needed to truly heal oneself. This high art of healing touches the soul in such depth that it creates an opportunity to heal the many layers of trauma that, for reasons only the soul knows, the client was not able to address at the time of their occurrence.

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Vibrational Healing

Vibrational Healing Therapy is a powerful system of healing that may utilize specific techniques but works primarily with intention and vibration in order to restore and balance the natural life force energy within the body. The key to Vibrational Healing Therapy is the “Elevated Vibration” of the therapist. This therapist we may term as “Sacred Journey Therapist” or “Evolved Lightworker”. This Evolved Lightworker connects with the energy field of the client. The clients’ vibration is raised immediately, influencing balance and strengthening the body’s energy field, promoting its ability to heal itself. Vibrational Healing Therapy is considered to be very spiritual leading to possible opening new believe systems for the client, changing old energetic patterns and offering a new path towards personal growth and wellness.

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Sacred Journey “Distance” Therapy (Remote healing)

Sacred Journey “Distance” healing takes place when a Sacred Journey Therapist and the client transcend the cellular or physical level of existence and connect primarily at the energetic level. The therapist and the client, now forming as though they are one, are able to work with no boundary or limitation from the physical state. Here, the therapist surrenders to trance state where the knowingness of being in spirit or astral self is limitless. The Sacred Journey Therapist has the capacity to play with and manipulate energy as a tool for healing.

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Trance Channel Therapy

This is a process whereby spirits (beings) communicate with those of us in the physical world. It is guidance given from higher realms by enlightened beings whom you may know as guides or teachers. The guidance comes through a human being who has become an open channel able to set aside the conscious self and allow the higher information to come through their physical form. Because guides come from the higher realms they are interested in your spiritual path. They will offer an expanded viewpoint to many of you concerns without infringing on your free will.

Channeling can bring fresh insights into your life. They are masters at working with energy and assist in changing old patterns and belief systems


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Reiki is a powerful system of healing that utilizes specific techniques for restoring and balancing the natural life force energy within the body. It is holistic, natural, hands–on energy healing system that touches individuals on all levels: body, mind and spirit. The “Usui” System of Natural Healing balances and strengthens the body’s energy promoting its ability to heal itself. Besides the obvious use in serious illness, Reiki promotes the natural healing process in many other areas: sports injuries, cuts, burns, internal diseases, emotional disorders, and stress-related illnesses

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Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP is a new philosophy of life that can help you unleash your own excellence. Successful life is about possessing skills like ability to control your response to people and events around you. Living flexible Life with more conscious choices directly affects our quality of Life. NLP is based on the concept that we already have all the internal resources and capacity that we need to accommodate the change.

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Chakra Balancing (Remote or in-person)

Depending on where the in-balance is within the 7 Chakras and what releasing and healing is needed will determine the flow of the session. The session is done with strong intuition and energy healing (very light touch of the body). During most sessions the client will feel heaviness leaving the body, heating and cooling sensations, and bursts of energy flowing through the body.

Benefits of Chakra Balancing

  • Releasing blockages in the body and spirit
  • Releasing trauma and low vibration
  • Aligning the body back to a state of balanced health
  • Awaken new found energy from the chakras
  • Reach new levels of spirituality

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Acupuncture is a complete medical system that is used to diagnose and treat illness, manage chronic disorders, alleviate pain, and promote health through prevention and maintenance. It can be used for physical, emotional, and psychological problems.

Traditional Asian acupuncture is based on ancient Chinese theories of the flow of qi (a fine, essential substance which nourishes and constructs the body) through distinct channels that cover the body somewhat like the nerves and blood vessels. According to this theory, acupuncture adjusts the flow of qi in the body, leading it to areas where it is insufficient and draining it from areas where it is stuck and or superabundant. In this way, acupuncture restores the harmonious balance of the body and its parts. In Chinese there is a saying, “If there is pain, there is no free flow; if there is free flow, there is no pain.” Acupuncture promotes and reestablishes the flow of qi.

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Spirit Sketches

Spirit Sketches are intuitive portrait drawings of the spirit energy surrounding you at this moment in your life.  Examples include passed loved ones, past and parallel lives, and general spirit guides that have come to assist you at this time.  A detailed channeled reading also comes through during your 45 minute long session, which you are welcome to record. Take advantage of this unique and comforting experience! Introductory energy exchange of $80 per 45 minute session/sketch. Appointments available the first Friday evening from 6-9pm of every month and second Saturday morning of every month from 9-12pm. Special arrangements outside of these times are also possible upon request.


Shamanic Counseling

With the use of shamanic practices and theologies a Sacred Journey Therapist will implement evolved universal concepts to guide the client through their healing process.