How to raise Vibration of your Home? – by Ania Massat

How to raise Vibration of your Home? – by Ania Massat

by beyondwellness, April 18, 2016

Have you noticed that walking into someone’s home/ private space creates right away inner feeling and it usually connected to some kind of sense of comfort or lack of it? Have you noticed that sometimes within your own private space, your home or office there is energy that seems to be heavy and just not fresh? It is like this because our living space also has consciousness and many times whatever energetically we bring home with us , even when we already managed to clear it ourselves it is still resonating in our home/ office space. Often this energy when is not cleansed holds us and prevents from growing. It could bring us down, create tension, headaches etc. It is pretty easy to keep your home, office space fresh and vibrant.

I wanted to share with you some ideas how to raise vibration of your home:

  • Use White Sage to clear it. White Sage is a Sacred Herb that creates pure space by clearing any impurities and lower vibration. Along with the Ritual of sagging your place add your intention and prayer. When I perform Clearing Ritual I go to each corner of my space and stop and literally talk to the corner, I bless it with my words and I express that I’m clearing this corner from any lower vibrational energy and I thank this energy for being here and I send it back to the Universe creating space for the highest vibrational energies (Love) to come. After I’m done I open Window to let it breathe.
  • Bring Natural Light into your space – Sun is cleansing
  • Open the windows, create the breeze to pass through your home to take away anything that no longer brings value
  • Declutter your Home so the energy can flow without any restrictions.
  • Move your furniture around creating a nice flow by using the principles of Feng Shui
  • Add Prisms or stained glasses to your space – they reflect the energy of the Sun
  • Add Crystals into your home – Rose Quarz, Clear Quartz and other stones. Add special Intention to your stones. So let’s say I would like to bring more Love into my space, I could take Rose Quatrz and hold it in my hands, feeling the sensation of Love in my heart and then asking the stone to carry this Love in my home.
  • Listen to the music that make you feel good in your home.
  • Hang pictures of people that you love, admire that you are feeling inspired by on tha wall of your home
  • Bring spiritual objects into your space
  • Add plants
  • Himalayan Salt Lamp they are changing the ions structure in your environment making it healthier for us.
  • Burn Frankincense and other natural incense
  • Diffuse Essential Oils


Written by:


Ania Massat

NLP Master Practitioner

Evolved Life & Wellness Coach