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by beyondwellness, April 9, 2013


Therapeutic Massage Healing Center & Spa.
Beyond Wellness is a True Healing Center founded in 1998 by Don Massat. We offer several alternative health services providing a Holistic approach. We look at the individual, not just their disease. We address the cause rather than the symptom. We are interested in maintaining good health through prevention of disease. We understand that there is a crucial interrelationship between the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects of our being. Beyond Wellness has utilized evolved levels of Energy Work, Bodywork and Massage Therapy. The high art of healing offered by our Wellness Center has opened doors to successful helping with emotional and nervous disorders as well as various physical and mental health problems.


Beyond Wellness has combined an exclusive group of talented Lightworkers, Bodyworkers, and Massage Therapists who have all completed advanced schooling in specialized areas of bodywork in addition to fulfilling the national standard of study in therapeutic massage.

The commitment to continued education means that our therapists are highly qualified to address your wellness concerns.

Whether you simply need to relax or are challenged by chronic pain and under a physician’s care, therapeutic bodywork at Beyond Wellness can bring you the relief and balance you are looking for.

Massage Therapist

Manipulates soft tissue to increase blood and lymph circulation which bring additional quantities of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues; enhancing the removal and elimination of the waste products of metabolism and other toxic substances from the body and inducing relaxation and stress reduction.

Bonus: All massage therapists at Beyond Wellness are either skilled Sacred Journey Therapists or evolved Lightworkers. They will take you deep… enjoy the journey!

Examples of modalities: Therapeutic Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Esalen Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Prenatal massage, Sports Massage


Places hands on or works off the body with intention to balance and strengthen the body’s energy field using “light energy” to facilitate healing.

Examples of modalities: Cranial Sacral Therapy, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Color Light Therapy, Meditation, Holotropic Breathwork

 Sacred Journey Therapist

Is an evolved human who vibrates at extremely high levels. Because of it he/she is able to heal with their own vibration and presence.

He/she is a visionary with an ancient wisdom, highly developed shamanic skills and open belief system. This therapist is a highly advanced Lightworker who can transform or release unwanted energies (Miasms) from the body.

A Sacred Journey Therapist is trained to journey into the astral plane using her/his abilities to travel to clients other lifetimes in order to release suppressed emotions, shifting old, unwanted patterns and healing present lifetime issues at the same time.

He/she is an artist with unlimited tools and options, intertwining perception, and intention with meditative/ intuitive use of the emphatic heart to communicate and heal physical, emotional, mental, astral and spiritual body.

Sacred Journey Therapists have truly opened doors to successfully treating emotional and nervous disorders as well as roots of various physical and mental health problems.

Examples of modalities: Vibrational Healing Therapy, “Shamanic approach” to Cranial Sacral Therapy, Miasm Release Therapy, Trance Channel Therapy

The “Sacred Journey Therapist” is a very specific term used for a therapist trained through the Sacred Journey Institute in Tinley Park, Illinois

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