Manual Lymphatic Drainage

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Manual Lymphatic Drainage or Lymphatic Drainage is gentle, noninvasive, rhythmical European massage technique designed to accelerate the movement of lymph in the body. The technique was developed in France during the 1930s by Dr Emil Vodder and his wife Estrid through clinical experience, while working on the French Riviera as masseurs, the Danish couple noticed that their English clients suffered from chronic colds, sinusitis and similar respiratory problems.

Dr Vodder discovered that all these clients had swollen lymph nodes in their necks and wondered if the blockage in the lymph nodes could be the underlying cause of the nose and throat infections. He found that by manually applying a precise amount of pressure on the skin of the neck and lightly massaging it in the specific pattern, the infections and swelling disappeared.

The lymph system’s function is to carry off wastes, toxins, bacteria, viruses, excess of water, etc. from the body’s connective tissue. Blockage in the lymph system or damage of the lymph nodes results in swelling (edema), congestion and eventual physical problems and abnormalities.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is used to treat wide variety of conditions including acne, burns, edema, inflammation, arthritis,, sinusitis, etc. Because it stimulates a natural cleaning system to help the body to get rid of accumulated toxins and poisons, it brings tissue to a healthier state improving the immune system and decrease above conditions

What to expect during a session?

Expect a clean, comfortable, professional office where privacy and confidentiality are maintained. During a Manual Lymphatic Drainage the client is nude, draped with a sheet or large towel. Often breast draping in not being used, although the comfort level of the client is considered and session could be modified. It’s very important to drink plenty of water after the treatment to flush out toxins from your system and improve the lymph flow.

30 minute sessions cost $75.00
60 minute sessions cost $110.00


Ailments which Lymphatic Drainage Massage can aid:
Digestive and Urinary AilmentsConstipation
Bladder Infection
Fluid Retention
Kidney Stones
Peptic Ulcer
Respiratory and CardiovascularAllergies
Cardiovascular Disease
Circulation (poor)
Environmental Toxicity
Sore Throats
Varicose Veins
Skin Disorders

Oily Skin
Ulcers (Skin)
Wrinkling of the Skin

Terminal Illnesses

Breast cancer


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