Prenatal Massage

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The overall goals for pregnancy massage are to help minimize stress, promote relaxation and prepare the muscles for childbirth.

In addition, there are specific techniques and movements which are designed to help relieve particular conditions, such as low back pain, swelling of hands and feet, headaches, calf cramps, insomnia, sciatic pain and sinus congestion.

The massage involves manipulation of the soft tissues and is the physical movement, stroking and stretching of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and other soft tissue. One major physiological effects of this manipulation is an increase of blood circulation to the muscles being massaged. This results in more oxygen and nutrients available to these tissues, which blood is designed to transport. In addition, enhanced blood flow will remove metabolic waste products that have built up in the muscles. Some other major physiological effects of soft tissue manipulation include improving muscle pliability and joint flexibility, decreased muscle tension and calming nervous irritability.

What to expect during a session?

The bodywork takes place in a nurturing space, with soft lighting and soothing music. The therapist will ask you to remove your clothing and you can either lie on their side or on their backside supported by pillows to a semi-reclining position. The therapist will also be sensitive to draping procedures, only exposing the area of the body that requires therapeutic treatment. There should be an open and clear communication between you and the therapist regarding the level of pressure applied, sensitive areas and general comfort. By the end of the session you should feel very relaxed. It is very beneficial to drink plenty of water after a treatment to flush out toxins from your system.

60 minute session costs $80.00
90 minute session costs $110.00

Ailments which Prenatal Massage can aid:
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Disk problems
Eye Problems Fibromyalgia Fibrositis
Inflammation Lumbago
Muscle problems Rickets/
Sciatica Sprains/Strains
TMJ Syndrome Trapped Nerve

Digestive and Urinary AilmentsConstipation Cystitis (Bladder Infection) Diarrhea Diverticulitis Fluid Retention Gastroenteritis Indigestion Nausea Peptic Ulcer Ulcers Vomiting

Respiratory and CardiovascularArteriosclerosis Asthma Bronchitis Cardiovascular Disease Circulation (poor) Colds Coughing Edema Emphysema Environmental Toxicity High Blood pressure (hypertension) Migraines Pneumonia Sinusitis
Sore Throats Thrombophlebitis Varicose Veins
Skin Disorders

Boils Bruising Burns Dermatitis Eczema Oily Skin Psoriasis Sunburn Ulcers (Skin) Wrinkling of the Skin Terminal Illnesses Breast Cancer Cancer Diabetes Meningitis Tumors Reproductive Candida Endometriosis Fibroids (Uterine) Infertility Mastitis Pregnancy Yeast Infection

Emotional & Nervous

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Depression
Drug Addiction Headaches Hyperactivity (ADHD) Hyperthyroidism Hypothyroidism Manic-Depressive Disorder
Multiple Sclerosis Narcolepsy Neuralgia Obesity
Phobias Radiation Sickness Smoking Dependency Stress


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