Reiki is a powerful system of healing that utilizes specific techniques for restoring and balancing the natural life force energy within the body. It is holistic, natural, hands–on energy healing system that touches individuals on all levels: body, mind and spirit.

The “Usui” System of Natural Healing balances and strengthens the body’s energy promoting its ability to heal itself. Besides the obvious use in serious illness, Reiki promotes the natural healing process in many other areas: sports injuries, cuts, burns, internal diseases, emotional disorders, and stress-related illnesses…

While Reiki is complete healing modality within itself, it also maximizes the effect of other forms of physical and energy therapies such a massage, chiropractic care, physiotherapy, acupuncture, rebirthing, homeopathy, meditation, psychotherapy etc.

Reiki is not a massage technique. A treatment involves placing of practitioners hands on the recipients’ body in a passive way. Treatments are carried out in the environment as quiet and comfortable as possible. The recipient remains fully clothed during the hands-on healing touch. Most people experience a gentle warmth or tingling sensation coming from practitioner’s hands. Position of the hands changes and treatment lasts about one hour.


“The secret art of inviting

happiness, The miraculous

medicine of all diseases.

Just for Today, do not anger,

Do not worry and be filled

with gratitude.

Devote yourself to your

work and be kind to people.

Every morning and evening

join your hands in prayer…”

Usui Mikao

What to expect during a session?

Expect a clean, comfortable and professional office where privacy and confidentiality are maintained. Reiki usually takes place in quiet, sedate setting. Client is fully clothed lays down on a padded treatment table. The practitioner gently puts hands on clients’ body, changing the hands positions as needed. During the session, most people feel a deep sense of relaxation and peace.

Sessions last about 60 minutes and cost $80.00.

Ailments which Reiki can aid:
Musculo-SkeletalArthritis Backache Cramp
Ear Infection Fibromyalgia

Digestive and Urinary AilmentsConstipation Indigestion Nausea VomitingMental Health Disorders

Eating Disorders Sleep Disorders

Respiratory and CardiovascularAllergies
Asthma Cardiovascular Disease
High Blood pressure (hypertension) Migraines Sinusitis
Sore Throats
Skin Disorders

Eczema Hives Mumps Psoriasis Tonsillitis

Terminal Illnesses

Parkinson’s Disease
Various Cancers Tumors


Impotence Infertility Menopause
Menstrual Problems Premenstrual Syndrome Prostate Pregnancy

Emotional & Nervous

Addictions Anxiety
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Depression Epilepsy
Headaches Insomnia


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