Sacred Journey Massage

Sacred Journey Massage 

What makes Sacred Journey Massage so unique is the long connecting strokes. The body is worked as a whole, not in segments. Not only is a physical connection made, but an energetic connection between therapist and client and often a spiritual connection between a client and themselves.

Using intuition and creativity, this soothing bodywork emphasizes nurturing and empathy, creating deeper states of relaxation. The continuous flow of this massage will enhance intuition, magnify the senses and communicate with your entire being. Feel the stress melt away as the healing mechanisms of the body begin to dominate, helping you to find inner peace and harmony.

Beyond_Wellness-Sacred_Journey_Massage-Image_2While Sacred Journey Massage uses the principles of Esalen Massage, more movement of the client on the table may be used through mobilizations and stretches, sometimes rolling the client onto their side or moving the client into comfortable positions to increase relaxation and support.

Sacred Journey Massage also incorporates other modalities into the work such as Cranial Sacral Therapy, Myofascial Release Therapy, Lomi Lomi Massage, Trager work and Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

The intention of the Sacred Journey Massage Therapy is one of self-exploration, both spiritual and psychological. The treatment is designed to gain consciousness and the true understanding of one’s own body, mind and soul.


What to expect during a session?

A very important aspect of Sacred Journey Massage is the setting and atmosphere. The therapist utilizes music, lighting and aromas to create a “soft environment”. Room temperature is set at a minimum of 80 degrees and there are no distractions. Draping is minimal, always used with the consideration and comfort level of the client and therapist.

Sessions last 90 minutes and cost $125.00

Ailments which Sacred Journey Massage can aid:
Musculo-SkeletalArthritis Backache Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Cramp Fibromyalgia Fibrositis Lumbago Muscle problems Osteoporosis Sciatica
TMJ Syndrome Trapped Nerve
Digestive and Urinary AilmentsCirrhosis of the Liver Constipation Fluid Retention Indigestion Nausea Pancreatitis Peptic Ulcer Ulcers
Respiratory and CardiovascularAsthma Bronchitis Cardiovascular Disease Circulation (poor)
Edema Emphysema Environmental Toxicity
High Blood pressure (hypertension) Migraines Varicose Veins
Skin Disorders

Dermatitis Eczema
Ulcers (Skin) Wrinkling of the Skin

Terminal Illnesses

Breast Cancer Cancer Parkinson’s Disease Tumors


Candida Impotence Infertility Menopause Menstrual Problems Pregnancy Premenstrual Syndrome Prostate

Emotional & Nervous

Anorexia & Bulimia
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Depression Epilepsy
Headaches Hyperactivity (ADHD) Hyperthyroidism Hypothyroidism Memory Problems Multiple Sclerosis Narcolepsy Neuralgia
Phobias Schizophrenia Senility


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