History of Schizophrenia

by beyondwellness, February 6, 2013

History of Schizophrenia

The disease that comes to be determined Schizophrenia was first described by German psychiatrist Emil Kraepelin in the 1890’s but remains of the most horrific and mysterious of mental illnesses. Whether it brings the voices of heaven or hell, it causes what must surely be the worst affliction a conscious being can suffer; the inability to tell what is real from what is imaginary.

The greater tragedy is that Science has not even come close to understanding Schizophrenia. Even with the use of high-tech brain scans and use of antipsychotic drugs the medical model has failed miserably. With over 120 years of research they have No laboratory findings and yet to establish a useful therapy. Symptoms of this disorder are being treated with dangerous medications showing extreme side effects, while hospitals stays are endless, 25% of patients attempt suicide, and some will die from their own medications. It has been said that “Schizophrenia is not just a diagnosis, it is a life sentence!”

While the Catholic religion reaches outside the medical model they observe the same phenomenon as demonic possession using Exorcism in an effort to cast the demons out from the body. Their concepts of good and evil and ideas of the battle between the devil or Satan vs. God or Jesus Christ are limited and keep them anchored in a fear based belief – missing the truth and beauty of what actually is taking place.

Here at Beyond Wellness we recognize the feelings of possessions as the phenomenon of “Miasm” or “Luminism”, seperate entities which feed on our very own emotions.

Sacred Journey Therapists, evolved Lightworkers and Shamans are all experts in working in the Astral body. They recognize that the schizophrenic is clairvoyant, telepathic, intuitive and extremely emphatic. They possess a great ability to feel. They also have the ability to channel voices and thoughts that don’t appear to be their own. This is not uncommon as all humans have this ability; even the psychiatrist that treats the schizophrenic patients is not exempt from this experience.

What is so cruel about voices is that they come from your very own brain, says Carol North, now a respected psychiatrist and researcher at Washington University, who first heard voices when she was 16 “They know all your innermost secrets and the things that bother you the most”. North’s voices tormented her about failing a neurophysiology exam. “Carol North got an F”. They would say things like: “she can’t do it [get into medical school]. She is not smart enough”.

This is a classic example of channeling a “Miasm”, a common occurrence of the schizophrenic. Miasm is an energetic entity that has its own intelligence which exists within the human form. Miasm exists within the human form and energy field feeding on low vibrational emotions (like fear, guilt, worry, insecurity, and etc.)

Miasms, depending on how they interact with the human, can be the source of many problems, both severe and less but always chronic. If an individual has a situation on any of the levels – physical, emotional, mental or spiritual – that he has attempted to eliminate over the period of time and has been unsuccessful, a miasm is very likely to be the source of the problem and is not being addressed. Chronic situations that either will not go away or are relieved temporarily, only to return later constitute very good evidence that a miasm may be involved.

One way a miasm can manifest itself, upon coming to the surface, it is the physical aspect. It begins in our emotional body and energy field first feeding on vibrational patterns of our feelings, emotions, attitudes and belief systems. When our vibrational patterns are low and suppressed the Miasm may manifest this energy into physical problems such sinusitis, asthma, migraines, fevers, lower back pains, heart palpitations, aches and pains in the joints and muscles of the body.

Here the human may not show the signs of schizophrenia but with the help of evolved Lightworkers using Miasm Release Therapy they may remove energetic blockages in the physical allowing for the body to begin its own natural healing process.

It is possible that a human may have hundreds of Miasms and while they may feel “stuck” in life they are not showing any signs of mental illness. Miasm Release Therapy would be beneficial here as it would as it would assist in the human’s personal growth.

Another way a Miasm can manifest itself, upon coming to the surface is in the psyche. In this regard, it is important to discuss the intelligence of the Miasm and its connection to the gifted schizophrenic.

It is possible that a human may have one single miasm creating havoc and dominating the personality, using its intelligence to create food for itself. Here, the gifted Sacred Journey Therapist would use Miasm Release Therapy to release parts of the Miasm at a time, allowing the soul to develop its own identity.

In another instance the human may be in the trance state travelling through Astral into subsequent lifetimes of their own. Once termed Multiple Personality Disorder, now called Dissociative Identity Disorder – the Sacred Journey Therapist would use the art of Sacred Journey Therapy to ground the patient and raise their vibration.

There is much yet to learn about the intellectual make up of miasmic energy and its ability to infiltrate through the brain wave to the psyche of the human being. The Miasm by entering the psyche can create delusions or hallucinations to create fear. Remember fear is a food for the Miasm.

The phenomenon of “Miasm” also has a counterpart in “Luminism”. Some of the greatest inventors and creators have been inspired by the “voices” in their heads. The Luminism feeds on high vibrational emotions such as unconditional love, self confidence, trust, courage and etc.

Channeling is not a disorder; it is an aspect of the evolved human. Miasms often surface the humans are experiencing positive change, or personal growth. Miasms try to attach or magnify our fears. Hence, Miasms will limit and prevent our personal growth.

Miasm Release Therapy enables the recipient to reclaim their personal power with the assistance of two Sacred Journey Therapists or evolved Lightworkers they are able to immediately raise the vibration to levels encouraging the miasm’s energy patterns to leave the body and return to the light. This therapeutic modality raises the vibration of the individual, thus creating an environment where only positive light beings can exist. Lower vibrational energy cannot function in such environment and the miasm is forced to leave. Upon release, the recipient is free of the limitations of the energy imposed and is able to move forward with personal growth. Miasm Release Therapy serves as a catalyst to support the recipient in calming his/her Devine right to live without the restrictions of past defenses.

About 2.8 million Americans are diagnosed with Schizophrenia. The rate is the sae around the World, about 1 to 2% of any given population – white, black, Latino, Chinese, rich, poor and everything in between transcending economic status, education or geography.

Neither doctors nor scientists can accurately predict who will become Schizophrenic. There is also no accurate genetic predisposition.

Now let’s observe what we are creating for the Schizophrenic in the “energetic environment” A half century ago mental hospitals across the country were bulging with more than 560 000 patients, most of them untreatable Schizophrenics. Then discovery of the first generation of anti-psychotics came along. State lawmakers assured that patients maintained on drugs could live in community centers, saw a chance to cut costs. They sent patients home out and shut the doors to mental hospitals. However, it soon became clear that most community services were inadequate; the centers were unwelcomed in most neighborhoods and thousands of released schizophrenics patients wound up homeless or in prisons.

Doctors, Lawyers, Politicians, Peers and Family often look at Schizophrenics as dangerous, weird, crazy psychotics, disturbed, insane, sick, hopeless, a burden to society and out of control.

These statements produced secondary symptoms in the emphatic schizophrenics. Depression, feelings of being misunderstood, humiliated, worthless, isolated, angry, sad, forgotten, helpless, alone, shamed, demoralized, embarrassed, and feelings that they are a burden to society.

These low vibrational emotions are Thanksgiving Feast for the Miasm!!! I believe that 25% of schizophrenics attempt suicide, not because of the voices in their heads, but because of the secondary symptoms produced by our support system. It’s because of what our society thinks of them…

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