Schizophrenic a new support system

by beyondwellness, February 6, 2013

At Beyond Wellness we offer the Schizophrenic a new support system:

Take them temporarily away from responsibility and commitment without medication

  • Surround them with unconditional love & understanding
  • Tthe mind needs to detox and rid themselves of low vibrational energies – “Miasms” with the assistance of Sacred Journey Therapists or evolved Lightworkers.
  • With the help of Sacred Journey Therapists show them a different way of approaching life. Looking at life through the Heart. “Opening the Heart, Clearing the Mind”
  • Lift them into a higher state of being. A state of connection, balance, wholeness, stability and happiness!
  • Schizophrenia no longer has to be a life sentence!
  • In “Light” the schizophrenic may be transformed through their creativity to become the inventor, the great play writer, the creative dancer or gifted musician. They also possess the gifts to become the Yogis, Psychics, Healers, Shamans, even the future Sacred Journey Therapist of the world.

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